(By {d8m}177)


what j00 need :

28k modem (prefferebly WINMODEM they are l33t and faster)

Netscape .95 beta (this is the bestest version of this l33t br0wszier)

MCAFFEIN VirUZ Program or NORTOB anti viriz if j00 dont h4ve these they can be d0wnloaded from most w4r3z gr00ps

NETBUS and backd00r 0rifice installed to your hardrive.. these are gret programs ev3rtone shoul hav3


About this articler :

This article is aimed at newbies who are searching for games(gamez),applications(appz) and other things which you really should have to pay for. The first thing you should remember the reason you got the internet installed was so you wouldnt have to pay for these things anymore , all these things can be dowbloaded from "Warez" groups , i cant provide any examples but do a search for warez and you'll see what i mean .


Once you find a site... you should immedietly go to the "d0wnl0adz" section where you'll possibly find what your looking for... if you come across a page with banners you MUST click them all, even if they are porn ... other wise your d0wnload will always be corrupt! (yeah right) sometimes a extra paeg may open up all by itself! it will most likely feature either b00tiul women necked or will say something like "vote for my l33t 51te on t0p 100" you should ALWAYS do this, even if the site advertized is for gays. this is how these great warez d00dz are maeking money from doing this.. and if they aint maeking mula then they wont upload more l33t gam3z for j00!


When you've done all that you'll finally be able to download your program safely . some of the files may be stored on l33t loactions liek www.i-drive.com or www.freedrive.com you will have to sign up for and account with them before you can download ...


Once you've signed up with the host , you should receive your password sent via e-mail a few hours later , then you can go log in ...

Once your logged in , you should be able to download the filez you want . Unless of course that the "daily download limit" has been reached , in which case you'll need to try again tomorrow.

I'd liek to point out that is is farrer betterer if you dont use d0wnl0adz resumers li3k getright or g0z1ll4 these w1lL mess up j00r pc s000 bad it is Unreal stick with the netscape .95 beta downloader.


What is a crack? a crack is a tiny little program installed to remove protection of software , if you have ever dwnloaded PAINTSHOP PRO you will know abou this, usually with most programz availible over the net you get a "30 day trial" then after that you have to either buy the full version or register the one you downloaded .. but a crack will be made by some l33t person who will remove this protection , s00 j00 will be able to enjoy the program long after the 30 day trial has expired. I cant tell j00 where to get crackz either , cos that would be illegal. But if you are truely l3t li3k gomez , then you will already know where to l00k.



ANy l33t w4rez gr00p has an 1rc channel , a place to chat and share filez with eachother , you should look at wesites and see if they give your the location of their irc channel, these are the bestest wayz to get the latest filez first! You will need an irc client , but dont go for a a crappy newbie one li3k mIRc , that is too gay, you need a l33t one li3k "darkanal" or somthing if you wants to maek and impression on the rest 0f the people in the irc channel!

FA3k j00r IP!

You shoudl always j00s faek ip whenever j00 are in irc , cos if people in the hat room ping you , j00 dont want to actaully be where your address says j00 are! it will show that you know nothing of the l33t wayz of teh net and j00 w1ll be exp0z3d!



WEll thats my guided to findn w4r3z 0ver , i hopen j00 w1ll find it j00sful!

Contacted me witj any questionz at Kissme@myhairyass.com