This page will contain links to those truly 1337 clan pages that we all love and adore . Also if I can be ar$ed I may even write so dazzling and witty critique - NAH! / Yep I believe this site comes under the "bad heading" criterior. If you are a 56ker then you are going to have a mother of a wait for the homepage to load. But do I give a damn - NO -if joo is on 56k then joo is a noobie and should get outta here! Also my spooling is terrible and I can't be ar$ed to check it.

So to our first link. I am not sure this could be called a Clan site but I didn't haveany other links to add right now - so in it goes! This guy is just soooooo 1337, he has gone beyond the normal everyday job of winning games and now spends a lot of his time ruining online games for other people - HOW COOL IS THAT! He is so proud of what he does that he has even created his own website so he can tell the world about how great he is. I think that we should all give this guy a pat on the back, I am always happy to know I spent money on a game and he can come along and ruin it online for me. I think the most telling line as to his 1337|\|355 is just under the initial blurb I quote "IT SHOULD BE UP WITHIN A WEEKZ (BEFOR I GO BAK TO SCHOL)." Ah school that spoiler of many a 1337 thing. He is just so funny I can stop myself laughing over his fantastic japes.

( ed. This site would have been funny if it wasn't for the fact that he has demos of him really ruining games online. BTW m8 the only thing funny about you is your school results and spots).

1337 Clan Now these guys are funney! - they are not here for the bad web site but just cos theyt are the 1337 clan!