About this articular

Welcome to another l33t artilcar from {d8|v|}177 i really hapen j00 enjoyed my last articlar 0n "Warez" this articlar is aimed at advanced l33t0ids wh0 want to maek theree 0wn w4r3z H0mep4eg! W3 w1ll skip all th3 basic stuff that n3wiez learn and g0 straighten t0 the l33t stuFF!


Tools j00 w1ll n33d!

Eveeryone n33dz a t00lbox , even uz l33t p3opl3! i suggest j00 g0t0 the microsft w3bens1te and d0wnloaded MICR()S()f+ FR()N+P43G EXPREZZ! it si the bestest HTMAL GENERTAT)R AND GENERATES THE BESSTEST CODE I HAVE EVAR SEEN IN A WYISGWIGY GERNEROR! (WYISGWIGY = I D( )NT KNOW)



Getting started

THE F1RST THING j00 WANTS TO DO IS LET THE PERSOn who find z j00 paeg know is that j00 are l33ter than them , j00 should ALWAYS incert this piece of htm4l code onto j00r pa3g

t00 see what this d0ez clicken hear!

ONce the person sees this he may be thinking that j00 might be a b1t l33t , but he wont be convinced ed yet , s00 j00 ha3v to d0 moiR!

at this point j00 should haev a huuuge picture (at least 512x512) with j00r name and the namen of j00r war3z gr00p j00 should ALWAYZ j00s .BMP EXTENSION and try to get it about 5mb minimum c0s otherwize it may b3 t0 sl000!

when j00 have a pictuar j00 should insert it liek thiz

j00 can see an exampile 0f this w0rkin well hear

atfyer this j00 should put s0mthing t0 m43k sure the reader understands h0w l33t j00 are j00 should put this htmal coid onto j00 or paeg

it should l00k li3k thiz

after that i think that the peson w1ll know j00 w1ll be l33t , but thatz no reazon to sit back and actually have content on j00r homepage , j00 should "striken while teh fire is hoT!" and do some l33t code li3k thiz it w1ll maek the wind0w openz up s00 the person can add j00r l33t sit3z t0 th3ir favouritz!

it w1ll d0 thiz

Click to Addz my h0mepagen t0 j00r Bookmark.



aftar d01ng all of that its time t0 get some advertz on j00r paeg , just t0 letin the readar kn0w thats itz not all high qualite contenten , and j00 have to ma3k soemthing fr0m thz paeg someh0w! afterall j00 are pr0viding a service and asking the redar t0 click a bann3rz is n0 big deal!

j00 should 0 to www.pornsponser.com and get affiliated with them . it maey be that they wontz let j00 doin yet c0s j00r pa3g is s00 n0eew , the bestst theing t0 d0 in this case is t0 save bannarz fr0m other peoplez homepagez and put them on j00r 0wn! hahaah theuy think they can cheat uz out 0f havein the1r baener 0n our paeg!! s0 j00 shoulde get at l3st 5 bannerz and put them al ina r0w!


Ch00zing a webhost

This iz a vary diff1cutl choise , there are s00 many qu4lit3 hostz out ther is it very hard to chozen i myself use GEOCITIES , i find it iz the bestse quality FREE home webspace j00 can getz , they d0nt l3t j00 upload by ftp (huh whatz dat!) they instead let j00 load j00r pagez up by j00sing their homepaeg! great!

and the bonus of ge0cities is dat it haz this c00l little pop up box which displayz advertz on yj00r hom3pag3n! it maeks the p43g load up about 6x as fasten! exellent!



j00 should always try t0 ma3k j00r homepagen look fresh and as if j00 work ard 0n updat1ng it every day! s0 inserr the f0ll0wing htmal c0de and it will look as thought j00 update every day!

it will show todayz date like this (you should write "last updated" before pasting teh code)

You should also add as many linez of code with this tag in it! as yuo can! it w1ll maek j00r paeg load 30x as fasts!



Ending (coz im bored!_)

So now j00 know the basics of meking al33t homepaeg , use this knowleedge wisely and maek suar that j00 neVER EVER actualyy put up any c0ntenten up on j00r pa3g ! j00r finished homepagen should look a bit liek thiz!

AS j00sual EMALE me with problems and questiioz , io probaly wont answar anywayz